All-in mortgage advice

At Financieel Fit, we provide you with a complete all-in personal mortgage advice, including personal contact with an advisor; wherever and whenever you want. Your Financieel Fit advisor knows exactly what you can and cannot do in your situation and searches for the most suitable mortgage and best insurances for you.

If you choose to become a Premium member, we ensure that you enter the housing market well-prepared. After you have submitted the required documents, we will assess and approve them. Then we will issue you a Premium Certificate that states your maximum loan amount. This way, you will increase your chances of having your offer accepted!

1All your financial matters taken care of by your Financieel Fit advisor
2We continuously check to make sure you are in the best financial shape
3View and manage all your financial matters using one handy overview

Saving money

Are you sure you have the best possible mortgage? We will continuously check whether your mortgage can be improved to ensure you always have the best rates.

Mortgage process

The mortgage process in six simple steps


Firstly, think about the kind of house you are looking for and what budget you have for this. You can already make these calculations online. Check out our mortgage calculator here.

2House hunting

Do you already know how much you can afford? That means you can already start the search for your dream home, with or without a real estate broker.

3Financieel Fit advisor

You can discuss your current situation and wishes with your financial advisor at Financieel Fit. This way, you can act quick and purchase the house of your dreams when it comes for sale.

4Viewing, bidding and negotiations

Did you find your dream home? That’s when the exciting part of bidding and negotiating begins.

5Temporary purchasing contract

They accepted the offer! Now it’s time to sign a temporary purchasing contract with resolute conditions.


Your financial advisor will start looking for the perfect mortgage fit for your financial situation. Together with your Financieel Fit advisor, you will provide all necessary documents in order to get your mortgage accepted.

7Sign the quote

In the following step, the mortgage lender and you sign the quote offered by the lender and your Financieel Fit advisor. Your dreamhouse is almost yours…


Lastly, at the solicitor you will sign the official mortgage deed. Congratulations, your dreamhouse is officially yours!

Why Financieel Fit?

  • Affordable all-in advice
  • You get a personal advisor
  • Your first appointment is free
Our Financieel Fit advisors make sure you get the most out of your mortgage and insurance Find a coach

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